I used to work with a guy that would go eat every regular and special Whopper sandwich at Burger King. He worked at another one of our stations here in the building and if I mentioned his name, you would definitely know him, or at least would have heard of him. So, to protect the innocent here just in case I need to, we'll call him "Bob".

Now, it didn't matter what kind of specialty or regular Whopper sandwich it was, the Whopper, the Whopper with Cheese, the Impossible Whopper, the Halloween Whopper and more, Bob was on his way over to the Burger King that was here next to the station to get his Whopper. By the way, this is all the truth, I'm not telling a whopper here...

Sorry, I couldn't let that one pass by...

There'd be times I'd walk past his office as the scent of a delicious burger was wafting outside of his door and I'd ask, "What Whopper is that one, Bob?"

"Itsh be Ambegry Hopperth, Chrith..."

Yes, unfortunately I would often catch Bob in the middle of a mouthful of sandwich and I'd have to decipher what he was saying. Like this time...

"It's the Angry Whopper, Chris..."

There you go.

Well apparently Bob isn't the only person on the planet who is enjoying Burger King these days. Why do I know that? Well because they are hiring in our area and they may be looking for you. They need people to keep their business going and to make sure people like Bob are taken care of. According to a press release sent from Burger King franchisee GPS Hospitality:

GPS Hospitality will host a virtual job fair with the intent to hire managers and crew members at its Burger King locations in Lansing area. GPS Hospitality is hiring at all GPS restaurants throughout 13 states with 50 openings for full and part time positions locally including 5 managers to join the team immediately. The search for applicants is taking place digitally via online applications and video interviews, as well as at the individual restaurants when requested.

Interested? Everything you need is right here.

And who knows, if things work out you may run into Bob on one of his Whopper runs one of these days.

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