Believe it or not, the Detroit Tigers are finally at the five hundred mark. They will end the month of August 16-16 in their division. They are four games out of first place where the Cleveland Indians sit.

The Indians traded disgruntled pitcher Mike Clevinger to the Padres today. The trade deadlines ends at 4PM EST today. The Tigers won’t be buying or selling. I would be shocked. This team seems like they are coming together at the right time.

Detroit picked up Jonathan Schoop as a free agent from the Twins after last season. He’s hitting solid and providing leadership. After my post last week about him, Miggy has picked it up. He’s now hitting .241 with 20 RBIs. Coincidence? Maybe. Or maybe he read the post and stepped up his game because of it; who knows.

Pitching has been alright. Spencer Turnbull has three wins and Matthew Boyd has 39 strikeouts. This could be a very interesting year if this team can overcome the doubters, myself included.

Listen, the Tigers have some very good young players, but they are still not close to being a consistent postseason team. Ron Gardenhire is a veteran manager who can help these young ballplayers. This team needs to stay aggressive and continue to stay hungry. They are in a good division now. The White Sox, Twins and Indians are all very solid clubs. The Royals aren’t that terrible either. But the Tigers finally got to the five hundred mark and that’s a positive. Keep it going and stay healthy. We'll see how the month of September goes.

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