Well, the Detroit Tigers have ten games left this season. The Tigers are at home for seven games beginning with the Royals tonight. The Detroit Tigers will have to admit that this season has been like the Twilight Zone. Many crazy things all season long. The Tigers have lost 13 of 15 to their division rival the Cleveland Indians. That's been their problem the way this season has gone so far.

Detroit has had many key players injured off and on all season long too. I really thought this season was going to be lost a few times. But, the Tigers hang in there and win when you don't think they can. Their manager Brad Ausmus has been on the hot seat most of this long season. I really feel if they don't make the playoffs, Ausmus will be back as their skipper.

The Tigers are in the playoffs right now as we speak with a Wildcard birth. But, things could change like the wind. Detroit plays Kansas City first. Then they play Cleveland for four games all games are at Comerica Park in Motown. This has been a wild season. But, this team can continue to win and get in the playoffs. I really believe this team has enough to reach the playoffs. Can they get it done? We will soon see.