If you watched or listened to the Detroit Lions game against the Arizona Cardinals this weekend, you were either pleasantly surprised or shocked by their performance.

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Detroit Lions have had a few moments during the season that showed promise. Like in game one when they blew it in the first half but came back the second half and make a solid run at the San Francisco 49rs.

Close losses against the Baltimore Ravens and Minnesota Vikings early in the season and even tieing with the Pittsburg Steelers gave fans rays of hope but fans were not getting four full quarters of football. This is something fans have not gotten as long as I can remember watching them play.

The Lions sometimes start out strong only to have huge leads taken from them or in the Stafford years, make huge comebacks in the fourth quarter to win and even lose.

This past Sunday, the Lions managed to play 4 complete quarters of football and did so with players injured or on the COVID-19 list and it was fun to watch. Yes, I said it out loud, the Lions were fun to watch against the Cardinals.

The Lions were great on offense and defense against the Cardinals who had previously not lost a road game this season.

The opening drive of the game for the Lions was solid, burning nearly 9 minutes off the clock and scoring a field goal.

Quarterback Jared Goff threw three touchdown passes completing 80% of his passes. With just his second game playing for the Lions, running back Craig Reynolds ran for 112 yards.

The Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray spent most of the day running from the Detroit Lions defense and really didn't do anything except in the last 4 minutes of the game when he threw a touchdown pass.

Here are all the good plays for the entire game from both the offense and defense of the Detroit Lions:

The Lions managed to manhandle the Cardinals that was tied with the best NFL record at 10-4. The Cardinals still have a chance at the playoffs but the loss against the Lions was a spoiler for sure.

It was nice to see the Lions play a complete game on both sides of the ball.  The Lions played with fire and to see the excitement and the smiles on the player's and coaches' faces felt good to watch.

I think my truly favorite part of the game was when it was over and Lions coach Dan Campbell was in the locker room talking with the players. Try watching this video and not smiling:

If Detroit Lions can maintain this kind of fire the rest of the season, they may get the nickname of "The Spoilers."

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