Well, the Detroit Lions find themselves behind the eight ball once again. Detroit was crushed last night in Dallas 42-21. The Lions we're tied at half 21-21, but just got stomped in the second half. Now, it's come down to one game Sunday night on New Years night at 8:30 pm toe to leather. The Lions will play the Green Bay Packers for the NFC North title. The Lions with a loss Sunday night possibly could not make the playoffs.

The Lions will face the red hot Pack led by superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The Pack are a three point favor in this game. Don't forget this will be New Year's night so the crowd will be jacked up for this game. Detroit has been snake bit for over 50 years. This franchise has stunk. To many bad hires, players, head coaches, coaches and just an awful patch.

The Lions need to get over the last two games where they lost on the road. But, this is a home game and Detroit has a chance. If Detroit wins, they win their division where it's been multiple years since that has happened. If the Lions win their quarterback will have to be solid. Stafford has proven he is the leader of this team. Just remember Green Bay isn't coming to Detroit to lose

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions
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