The Detroit Lions are on the verge of winning their first divisional championship in many years. Not to many professional football writers and analysts thought they could win over seven games. But, they have fooled everyone so far this season. After,great wide out  Calvin Johnson retired no one thought the Lions could compete for a divisional championship.

The reason is simple their quarterback has been superlative this season. Matthew Stafford has been in the league for many years. Finally all the money the Lions have paid him are paying dividends. Stafford was the first pick in the first round in 2009. He has turned himself into a possible MVP. Also, with the retirement of Calvin Johnson he has been forced to change his throwing habits and he has become a strong leader.

Head coach Jim Caldwell has let his coordinators do their jobs. The Detroit Lions defense has also come on in the past few weeks. This is a very surprising group of players who are obviously sick of losing. The Detroit Lions have been the Chicago Cubs of the NFL. This franchise has smelled for 50 years at least. But, since they have hired president Bob Quinn away from New England it seems the culture of losing could start turning the corner. The Detroit Lions have some tough games coming up. Can they cut the cake and get into the playoffs? I think they can do it.