There is an enormous problem with the college football bowl system. It needs to be addressed soon, too.

One thing is that star players who know they will be high draft picks in the NFL are not going with their respective universities to their team's bowl game destinations. That's because the player feels their draft stock will go down if they sustain an injury. And they are exactly right.

They don’t owe their school that possibility of getting hurt in that bowl game then not being able play in the NFL. Or giving up a higher draft position in that draft if they got hurt. That’s just one reason the bowl system isn’t working in a positive way.

Something else to think about: if the star player doesn’t participate, many people won’t go to that bowl game. For example, Kenneth Walker III of MSU and Kenny Pickett of Pittsburgh both players would be playing against each other in the Peach Bowl Thursday night. But that’s not happening because of the reasons I stated earlier. Fans are not going to pay a lot of money for their school's bowl experience if their star players are not go to be there playing. If the superstar doesn’t play, a lot of people will pass and just watch it on television. The allure is not there anymore with that situation.

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Also, these bowl games accept teams that have a record of 6-6. To me, I feel this is unacceptable. A 500% record shouldn’t let teams go to a bowl game. But there are so many bowl games they have to fill the slots for these games. They say that it's great because these teams need the extra practice. I do agree with that, but fans just don’t go any more because with a dismal record, there is little interest to drop a ton of cheese. In this day and age and with the Pandemic people can’t afford the expense.

These bowl officials have to figure out what the future holds for the bowl season. There are way too many bowl games, and that’s the bottom line! What does everyone else think?

2021 College Football Bowl Schedule

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