Even you have enough time for this brief blast of beauty.

Michigan Becomes A Colorful Wonderland In Autumn

As the leaves start turning beginning in the northern reaches of the Upper Peninsula, and gradually working their way south, the Mitten State lights up with fall activities.

The beauty of our state in the fall can be summed up in the less than ten seconds of video below from Pure Michigan's Instagram feed.

A quick blast that covers every inch of our state ablaze in the browns, oranges, yellows and reds of autumn. Enjoy.

Some More Of Michigan's Fall Splendor

Why stop there? Can we ever get enough of Michigan in the fall? No. That's why it's my favorite season, hands down.

From Pierce Stocking Drive in the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore....

To the Waterloo Recreation Area near Jackson...

To those dramatic fall sunsets along Lake Michigan...

To the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, shining off the coast of the Keweenaw Peninsula...

And the great thing is that no matter how big our state is, you never need to travel far to enjoy fall in West Michigan. Here are some tips from the Local West Michigan:

🍂Driving down back roads and seeing the beautiful color on the trees! (Pro tip: Ada is a GREAT place to do this! And stop by the covered bridge for a fantastic view!)

🎃Get pumpkins from a local farm stand/pumpkin patch! Let us know some of your favorites below!

🍎Pick apples at one of the few orchards in the area!

🌽Trek through a corn maze! There are plenty of fun ones in West Michigan of all difficulty levels!

Where To Get A Great View Of The Michigan Foliage

Michigan has some amazing natural splendor, especially in the fall. Get the best view of the fall color change on a ski lift at these Michigan ski resorts.

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