The Houston Astros (11-24) win the last game of the series against the Detroit Tigers (20-10) , 6-2. The Tigers took the lead when a fly double from Nick Castallanos brought home Austin Jackson in the 2nd. The lead would go further after a Victor Martinez home run in the 4th.  The Astros would come back with a vengeance starting in the fifth with the first career home run from George Springer. Then they would take the lead after a line drive double from Jose Altuve brought in two runs from Carlos Corporan and L.J. Hoes.  Corporan would add another run in the 7th with a home run. Matt Dominguez would hit a two run home run in the ninth, and that would be all she wrote. The Tigers take on The Minnesota Twins tomorrow. Game broadcast starts at 6:40 PM On Lansing's Big Talker, WJIM, 1240 AM.

Game Recap