As expected, the NFL officially announced on Tuesday it would be moving to a 17 game regular-season schedule, beginning with the 2021 season.

With an added regular-season game, the league is dropping the preseason schedule from four games to three.

An extra NFC-AFC game will be easy to get used to.

Regular-season statistical records will be shattered as well, and each time will include either an official or unofficial asterisk (*in 17 game season).

That transition shouldn't be too difficult either.

However, final regular-season records are going to take me a while to get used to.

The previous 16 game regular-season schedule had been in place since 1978.

Fans love to predict the record of their favorite team. Avid fans will remember the final record of their teams from previous years.

My entire life, I've had the same NFL win/loss record structure.

How often have you said, "If my team can get to 10-6, we can make the playoffs."

Now it's, "If my team can get to 10-7, we can make the playoffs."

The idea of going from 8-8 to 9-8 or 8-9 will take some getting used to.

Will 7-9 jokes now become 7-10 jokes?

Plus, the only way a team will finish at .500 now is if they tie.

TV ratings will continue to grow, and the gambling business will love the extra game.

I imagine most fans will too, especially after they train themselves in the W/L structure.

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