It's NFL Draft time and it's a tradition unlike any other in the state of Michigan.  Who will your gridiron heroes, the Detroit Lions, select in the first round?

The Lions have two picks in the first round this year.  The 6th overall pick (which they got from the Los Angeles Rams in the Matthew Stafford trade), and the 18th overall pick.

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And it got me thinking...the Lions have had some great draft picks over the years (Barry Sanders, Herman Moore, Calvin Johnson, Matthew Stafford, to name a few).  But they have had some clunkers as well.

So much so, that I came up with a list of the 10 WORST first-round picks in Lions history.  A couple of notes, however...

I had to limit it to a certain time frame.  I have no idea who some of the Lions picks were and how they panned out before I started following the team (which was 1980, when I was five years old).  It would be unfair to comment on any of them since I never saw them play, or not play as the case may be.  I started watching the Lions in 1980, let's start there.

There were also A LOT of bad picks to choose from.  And I mean A LOT!!!  I left off James Jones in 1983 (could've had future Hall of Famers Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, or Darrell Green), Terry Fair in 1998 (could've had future Hall of Famer Randy Moss).  Brandon Pettigrew, Nick Fairly, and Jarrad Davis also didn't make the list.  And neither did Eric Ebron.

So , without further delay.  Here are the top 10 first round busts, since 1980, for the Detroit Lions.

Feel free to disagree if you want.  Let me know!!!  After all, as Dennis Miller used to say, it's only my opinion, and I could be wrong.

The 10 Worst First Round Picks In Detroit Lions History (Since 1980)

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