Two weeks from today I will close out my radio career after 26 years. It started on April 1, 1996 and will end on Friday the 13th.

This wild career will be over in the Mid-Michigan area, and I have had a lot of fun doing it. The radio industry has changed dramatically in the past few years. It has gotten more into the digital age, but it has made me better in this industry too. I have put my heart and soul into this job. I have worked with some of the most talented people in the country, but now these people are no longer here or even in the business for whatever reason.

I feel this is the perfect time to depart, as me, my wife, and my dog are moving to our new home in Cedar Bluff, Alabama.

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26 years is a long time. I have already written a few articles about this transition. My career has been a real winding road. I have been very fortunate, but now is the time. I want to thank all the listeners, sponsors, and people that owned the places where I did over 2,500 live shows too.

On May 13, Friday the 13th, it will be that last hurrah. I will be doing my last show in the Mid-Michigan area.

I can't stress enough how much I really want you to bring your friends and family out to this event. Again, it will take place at One North Kitchen and Bar on 5001 W. Saginaw. Make sure you mark your calendars!

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