So, I'm broadcasting the East Lansing-Everett high school boys basketball game with Zak DeBeaussaert on Friday night, December 16th at Earvin Johnson Gymnasium at Everett HS.

It was a very exciting game, which East Lansing won 59-53 to remain unbeaten on the young season.  But that's just the scene-setter for what I'm going to tell you.

After the game was over, me and Zak are in our last commercial break before we give the postgame stats and analysis.  As I finish my portion of the stats, I feel somebody giving me a fist pound (some dap) as my right hand is on the front edge of the table behind the scorers table (in the first row of the stands).

I look up after getting the fist pound and I see an older gentleman give me a nod and a small smile and he mouths "Go Blue" to me.  I don't say anything (we're coming back from break in less than a minute), but in my head I'm thinking "Do I know this guy?" "Ok, I don't know this guy but I've seen him before."  And then (again, in my head) my mind screams "Oh My God, It's John Beilein!!!"

Now, I was wearing a Michigan Nike sweatshirt so that's probably why he gave me the fist pound, but I can't believe that the veteran Michigan men's basketball coach gave some dap and I didn't immediately recognize him and talk to him!  He was walking away before I recognized him.

Folks, I'm not smart enough to make up a story like that.  And besides, the true stories are better than any fiction that I could come up with.  I'll be shaking my head about that story for a long time.