Well, David "Mad Dog" DeMarco will be celebrating 20 years in sports radio on Friday April Fool's Day. It began in 1996, with a show called the Sports Guys. That consisted of Randy Plaunt, Jeff Hager and myself. Then, after a while, Plaunt left and was replaced by Larry Lage. The Sports Guys lasted for about three years. Both Hager and Lage left for other endeavors.

Then, my own show came into existence called Mad Dog and Company. Different sports personalities would come in the studio and co-host the show with me. It was a blast--people like Kelly Miller, Sam Vincent, Bob Every, Jemele Hill, Jimmy Comparoni and many more. This show existed for a couple years. Then I was called to come over to another sports station in Lansing called The Ticket.

For the next four years The Ticket was my home. The show was called Mad Dog in The Afternoon. It was a great four years until the owners felt not enough revenue was being generated. I stayed there in sales and voice work for six months and was pleasantly called back to begin the next ten years here.

For the last five years, I have also been a full-time account executive, which I enjoy very much, in addition to doing my three-hour shows. In August, I moved from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.. Needless to say it has been a better situation. I have been blessed for all the people I have worked with.

Now, I have to thank many people like Jack Robbins, Jason Knick, Jason Colthorp, Mike Valenti, Tim Nester, Steve Miller, Brock Palmbos, Nick Chase, Nick Anthony, Rick Sarata, Darin White, Zoe Burdine Fly, Joe Taranto, The Iding Family, Zak DeBeaussaert, Chris Tyler, Tim, Fred, Jack, Brandon "Beanie" Howell and many many others. Thanks, to my close friend Jeff Hager who is very courageous and my wife Carole who I love very much.

I want to thank all the listeners and sponsors who have supported me and even the listeners who dislike me. I appreciate all of you. Thanks to all!