Ever wonder what the most expensive home in the Okemos area was?

I can't say I cared too much either what the most expensive home in Okemos was, not until I stumbled upon this place on Zillow. 

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This home is located on Wandering Way. Currently on the market for $1,598,000 with 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.

Take a look around this hidden gem here in the Mid-Michigan area.

Take A Look Inside The Most Expensive Home In The Okemos Area

This is the most expensive home, currently in the market in the Okemos area. This is a 5 bedroom 7 bathroom home, currently listed on the market for $1,598,000.

I have this bad habit of turning up the price ranges on homes when I am perusing around on Zillow. I don't have the money to afford most of the places I end up looking at it. But that's the best part about Zillow right now. We don't have to pay to glance around the neighborhood.

What type of home do you look at whenever you're on apps like Zillow? I strayed away from my typical lake house and decided to go a little more local with less water.

I've determined my dream home is going to be up north somewhere, surrounded by water. The only bad part about homes like that, especially up north is when you reach the winter months.

Open the station app, tell us what you look at it on apps like Zillow. What type of homes do you like?

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