Ever wonder if you live in a county that is rather small here, in Michigan?

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You might, and some of the ones that did make this list may shock you!

Michigan's Smallest County Still Has More People Than The Second Smallest

Apparently, when it comes to county size, size does not really matter too much.

Michigan's smallest county has just roughly 51,000 residents, while the second smallest county has 25,000 residents. That's a big difference if we are going to put the two, side-by-side.

Michigan's Capital Made The List of Smallest Counties

If you're from the city of Lansing, you can't have bragging rights that we are a big town, however, you can brag a little bit that we made a list of smaller county sizes.

The list was created using the number of square miles each county has.

Take a look below, and see if your counties made it.

Here Are The 15 Smallest Counties In Michigan

The list is ranked by size from bigger to smaller counties here in Michigan. These are the 15 counties, with the least amount of square mileage, covering a set-in-place area.

Ever wonder which Michigan counties have the smallest number of residents, check out this list below!

These Michigan Counties Have The Smallest Population's

Ever wonder which Michigan county has the least amount of people residing? Stop wondering, here are twenty Michigan counties, that start at a few thousand.

The 20 Healthies Michigan Counties Ranked In 2022

Ranked in order, these are Michigan's 20 healthiest counties. From The top of the state to the bottom, even to the center.

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