It can't just be me, but tacos honestly sound great right about now. Just writing this article made my mouth water.

When it comes to tacos, sure the fast food and chain restaurants are good, but where can you go to get something more authentic?

The Top Destinations In Lansing For Tacos That Aren't Taco Bell

In a pinch, places like Taco Bell are amazing to grab a taco. But, sometimes, nothing beats an authentic Mexican restaurant that serves up some great margaritas and some delicious tacos.

Lansing has a number of great authentic Mexican restaurants to check out when you're craving something as delicious as a taco. So, where exactly should you go to get a little piece of heaven here in good old Lansing?

We did the work for you and compiled a list of the top restaurants to go to for tacos here in the Lansing area.

Take a look below.

Where To Get The Best Tacos In Lansing

Here is where you can get the best tasting tacos, that aren't Taco Bell, or even the good old chain restaurant.

Where To Get The Best Breakfast Burritos

Jumping away from tacos now, to something that is basically a breakfast taco. Take a look at where you can get the best breakfast burritos.

Best Breakfast Burritos in the Lansing Area

I feel that not only is breakfast "the most important meal of the day", it's also the best meal of the day. That's why there's such thing as brinner (breakfast for dinner) and diners/restaurants that offer breakfast items 24/7. The epitome of delicious and portable breakfast options is a breakfast burrito. If you want a hearty breakfast that's filling and perfect for on-the-go eating, a breakfast burrito is the way to go. We've put together a stuffed list, filled with the best breakfast burritos in the Lansing area, and here's what we've come up with. Check out the mouth-watering gallery below.

World's Most Beautiful Taco Bell

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