ESPN did a "Flashback Friday" on the history of the all-star game, more specifically its uniforms.

Long gone are the days where players would simply pin a different number over their standard uniform, the modern era has produced some gems of all-star uniforms.

This year's set for the actual game feels rather tame.

The socks are pretty sweet, hopefully we'll be seeing a lot of guys go old school and show them off.

And saving possibly the best (or worst depending on your opinion) for last. The home run derby threads.

Those scream retro Padres.

The Tigers send Miguel Cabrera to the All-Star Game, but you the fan can do your part and double the Tigers going by voting Ian Kinsler into the final all-star spot.

The 2016 MLB Home Run Derby is Monday July 11th, with the All-Star game taking place the next day, July 12.