There’s something very oddball just east of Onaway, Michigan.

If you head east out of Onaway on M-68, you’ll find this odd little display between S. Ocqueoc Rd. and Corriveau Rd.

Almost halfway between these two roads, on the north side of M-68, is a swampy area. If you don’t stop and park, you’ll miss everything that sits in it.

The first thing that will hit your eye is the giant daisy. It sits nice and tall, in the rear of the swamp along the treeline.

Once you’ve gazed at that for a while, you’ll begin to notice other little things scattered in the swamp. For instance, a pair of legs sticking up out of the swamp with a sign that says “gone fishing”. To the left is an old tractor with a dummy driver flashing the “peace” sign. There’s also a birdhouse on a pole, but that’s a common sight.

Next time you’re in Presque Isle County, take a drive-by this swamp and see if there are any more additions to this quirky display…check out the photos below!



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