Tom Brady makes Maize & Blue fans proud. There are eleven other players that spent their college years on campus in Michigan that are on the Super Bowl LV teams.

Even if you're not a follower of the Kansas City Chiefs or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Spartans, Wolverines, Lakers, Eagles and Chippewa fans can all find someone to root for on Super Bowl Sunday. Of course, not all of these athletes are starters, but between the two teams, there are twelve players who spent their collegiate career on the field in Michigan: four from U of M, three Chips from Central, two MSU Spartans, a pair of Eastern Eagles and a Laker from Grand Valley State.

  1. Le'Veon Bell- RB | Kansas City | Michigan State University
  2. Tom Brady- QB | Tampa Bay | University of Michigan
  3. Antonio Brown- WR | Tampa Bay | Central Michigan
  4. Frank Clark- DE | Kansas City | University of Michigan
  5. Mike Danna- DE | Kansas City | University of Michigan
  6. Eric Fisher- T | Kansas City | Central Michigan
  7. William Gholston- DL | Tampa Bay | Michigan State University
  8. Chad Henne- QB | Kansas City | University of Michigan
  9. Nick Keizer- TE | Kansas City | Grand Valley State University
  10. Sean Murphy-Bunting- CB | Tampa Bay | Central Michigan University
  11. Patrick O'Connor- DL | Tampa Bay | Eastern Michigan University
  12. Andrew Wylie- G | Kansas City | Eastern Michigan University

As you can see, eleven of those players are not Tom Brady, whom some feel is over-exposed and has won enough. Enjoy the big game on Sunday and see how many of these Michigan athletes actually get to take the field during Super Bowl LV.

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Super Bowl LV Players from Michigan Schools

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