Looking to spice up your Super Bowl party? I recommend beer, chips, salsa and... prop bets.

Forget "who's going to win the game?" And "by how much?"  Prop bets are the weird bets that ask. "WHAT WILL FINISH FIRST? Super Bowl 53 or the US Government Shutdown?" or, "WILL MARK WAHLBERG ATTEND THE GAME AND LEAVE EARLY?" (That happened during Super Bowl 51) And the perennial favorite, "WHAT COLOR GATORADE WILL BE POURED ON THE WINNING COACH?"  And yes, people really bet on this stuff. And here's a new one - "HOW MANY PLAYS WILL TONY ROMO CORRECTLY PREDICT DURING THE GAME?"

Oddsshark.com has compiled a list and the odds on dozens of prop bets - and they're adding more all the time. So now, the pregame at your party won't be just everybody standing around commenting on the dip. Even though I hear you always buy the good stuff.

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