There are few things I look back on from my college days and think, "Man... that was a GREAT idea!"

But, I do still feel fondly about one line of beer products that I became enamored with - Stroh's. And it was just announced this week that the Detroit-based brew is coming back, and in classic style!

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Seems odd, but yes, even my days spent in a small college in northwest Oklahoma (Ride Rangers, Ride), the regional brew Stroh's was available to me.

At one time, they were the third biggest brewing enterprise in the U.S. In the early 1980s, they actually bought out the struggling Schlitz brand. But sadly, that would be the chink in the armor that started the brand's downfall.

But that didn't stop them from distributing. In the late 2000s (my college days), Stroh's wasn't a heavily known brand in the country anymore. HOWEVER, when I saw it stacked at the liquor store across form campus, I opted for the Stroh's 30-pack at $15, vs. the "bigger" name brands for more money.

But in picking the cheaper options, I also fell in love with the beer - the taste, the classic design of the can and bottles. I even bought a Stroh's hat. Still have it to this day.

So you can imagine my excitement when I saw that my beloved college beer of choice was coming back to the mainstream... at least in Detroit.

Pabst Brewing (who owns Stroh's now) announced they will be putting Stroh's back on tap for the first time in two decades, and relaunch the classic logo and look from the mid-80s.

"We are returning Stroh's back to the 1987 packaging with some minor updates to bring the packing to life and we could not be more excited about it. Detroit has so much love for this beer and most locals say, 'Strohs is spoken here.'" - Adam Powers, AMM for Stroh's Beer

I mean, look at that beautifully crafted can. Classic, Clean, and commanding for attention!

I'm so stoked for this, and can't wait to take my old drinkin' buddies from College on a trip into the Motor City... the shock on their face when they see Stroh's on Tap will be worth the whole trip... which I'm sure will be followed up by PTSD from all the dumb stuff Stroh's made us do in college.

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