For the third year in a row, WVFN's very own Tim Staudt is a finalist for the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame!

Tim is already in a couple of Halls of Fame in the state of Michigan. He's in the Greater Lansing Sports Hall of Fame and in the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Both extremely well deserved!

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Tim's credentials for the Michigan Sports HOF are beyond deserving. More than 50 years on television, first at the old WJIM-TV 6 in the 1970s. And since 1980, he's been the sports director at WILX-TV 10.

He's also done play-by-play for Michigan State sports on the radio. As well as high school sports broadcasts on TV and radio.  And he did TV play-by-play for Big Ten basketball on the old RAYCOM network in the 1980s and 1990s

But for nearly 30 years, he's been the host of "Staudt on Sports" right here on WVFN. It will be 30 years on the air next March 8th.

Staudt on Sports is now Michigan's longest running sports radio program still on the air.  And I have been his producer for 15 of them, having joined him in the summer of 2007.

What an adventure it's been being his producer! The stories I have would fill several chapters of a book, or maybe an entire book, I'm not sure.

From the Wendy's Frosty story to the enormous 3-wood that Tiger Woods hit out of the rough at the British Open in 2009 (an all-timer). And what about the late George Perles telling Tim how he cooks a turkey at Thanksgiving? And him talking about MSU Basketball needing a Big Man coach with Joe Rexrode was just legendary.  And let's not forget whenever somebody runs the wishbone offense in football, he said "They just boned them all over the place!!!" Classic!

Those are just a few I could think of for the purpose of this article.

Bloopers? Too many to mention and some of them are absolutely hilarious. Maybe I will write a book someday.

But the thing about Tim is his consistency. He's obviously doing something right to be on the air, and STAY ON THE AIR for over 50 years on TV and almost 30 years on the radio.  His longevity speaks for itself.

There is a public vote for the MSHOF, and you can and should vote for Tim.

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