And no, I'm not talking about Roary the Lion.

On Sunday, December 2nd, The Detroit Lions hosted (and lost to) the Los Angeles Rams. Since the Lions and Rams were there, of course their mascots were too. However, it wasn't their mascots that I was excited to see on the field... It was Michigan State University's mascot!

MSU's Sparty was at the game today, and it was such a fun surprise to see him there! Sparty, along with several other Michigan mascots, "played" a quick game against a Michigan elementary school football team. Sparty was great on defense, but not so much on offense. Oh, and you know who else was there?!? Big Lug of the Lugnuts! It seems there was a little Lansing and East Lansing in Detroit today. Check out some pictures of Sparty and Big Lug playing on the Lions field in the pictures below!

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