There are a lot of things that happen in sports that I don't understand. I'm constantly wondering why some things happen and other things don't. This is the million-dollar question. I will give you many things in sports that are a question mark.

All of these professional sports leagues have commissioners, but what do they really do to earn millions of dollars in salary? I  mean I’ve already asked what pro-sports executives really do day to day to earn their great paychecks. It’s great work if you can get it.

Below I've got a laundry list of things that are definitely questionable. I don't know the answers to these things, and nobody else has been able to give me a solid answer to them either. Here we go!

Why aren’t Cliff branch and Jim Marshall in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Why have the Detroit Lions been the worst pro franchise in the past 50 years?

Why does Washington Nationals' manager Dusty Baker wear sweatbands as the manager? He always has.

Why isn’t Shoeless Joe Jackson in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Why hasn’t MLB gone back to nine-inning doubleheaders?

Why are the prices of all sports tickets so high that the working person can’t afford them?

Why do some players get away with some things during the games and other players don’t? Like superstar treatment.

Why do sports teams keep hiring coaches that lose wherever they have been? The retread coaches. Makes no sense at all.

Why don’t some of these billion-dollar owners try to help more causes (like finding cancer cures) rather than blowing their money on bad players, bad coaches and bad investments?

These are all questions that I have in the sports world. What are some of your questions that you might have wondered about for years? I want to know. Please be pro-active and list them.

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