There are certain creations made here in Michigan that we hold near and dear to our hearts. There aren't many things in the food world that the Mitten state is known for, but the ones that exist are a BIG deal. I mean, say the wrong thing about Vernor's in the right part of Michigan and you've created the perfect recipe for disaster. This Michigan man, who moved away and married a woman from North Carolina almost threw her to the wolves.

He wanted to share some of the delicious indulgences with his southern wife but wanted her to rate them as well. As mentioned before, we Michiganders can be a little tight about these things. She wanted to see what all the hype was about, while he wanted to share a little piece of his childhood with her. I won't spoil it but she definitely pushed the envelope with a certain product.

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A Tiktok video posted by a user (lorynpowell) who is from North Carolina, but married to a Michigan man, shows her taking a metaphorical trip up North. She is taking the flight taste test of Michigan and getting some of the many treats we have to offer thanks to her husband. Watch how she rates some of our favorites here:

@lorynpowell Reply to @bsbl.brodie Ranking Michigan foods PART 1 #husbandandwife #michigan #pizza ♬ original sound - Loryn Powell

She was able to try Detroit-style Pizza from Buddy's which she said was very cheesy and gave a 10 since pizza is her favorite food group. A can of Vernor's was up next, and before we get upset, let's hear her out. She rates the ginger ale a flat 5, saying it's not that gingery, that it's not bad, but we did overhype it. Then she finished it up with Sanders Caramel topping on ice cream and a Sanders Bumpy Cake, she gave the bumpy cake a 9 because she is a chocolate girl, while only giving the caramel a 6 because it was kind of salty.

I myself, have only had 2 of the 4 things rated on this so for the most part I was pretty tame while watching this video. I'm not sure if I would give Buddy's a 10 but it's very quality pizza and Vernor's no doubt gets a 10 in my book. Between the taste and the numerous amounts of colds it's saved me from, I think I owe it a 10. I'm intrigued to try the last two and see if I rate them differently. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with this southern wife?

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