If you've ever driven across the Mackinac Bridge, you've probably thought how cool it would be to climb to the top and lookout. Unlike the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which allows visitors to climb the south tower, the Mighty Mac does not have that ability.

Back in November, Mackinac Bridge Authority had an alarm go off but they were unable to determine what or who set off the early morning alarm. A few hours later another alarm alerted MBA that someone was coming off the bridge, but they weren't able to apprehend the person or get a good shot of who they were. They started an investigation but didn’t have much to go off of until they found pictures posted on social media, which proved someone definitely found their way to the top of one of the towers on the Mackinac Bridge, 9and10News reports.

9and10News says police were alerted and have started their own investigation to find the person who climbed the bridge supports, but so far the suspect hasn’t been found.

As Kim Nowack, Mackinac Bridge Authority Executive Secretary told 9and10News,

“This is not a harmless stunt; it’s inexcusably reckless. This individual risked not only his own life but also the lives of those crossing the bridge beneath him, and would have threatened the safety of emergency personnel and Mackinac Bridge Authority (MBA) staff had a rescue been needed.”

Wondering the punishment for climbing up to the top of the Mighty Mac? The person who trespassed could be charged with a felony for trespassing at a “key transportation facility” according to 9and10News.

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