Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
Gregory Shamus - Getty Images

Thousands of homes across the country tuned in Tuesday night to see probably the most unfortunate basketball injury since Paul George's broken leg during a Team USA scrimmage.

And of course, no discussion about gruesome basketball injuries is complete without Kevin Ware.

Gordon Hayward joined the conversation in his first regular season appearance with the Boston Celtics. Before continuing, a warning just seems right. Bone health is nothing to play with and this will make your ankles hurt.

Once that happened, the Twitter-verse expectedly lost it's collective mind. Most media personalities and outlets addressed in a positive way by wishing Hayward well.

Two particular popular personas, however, decided now was the time to turn up the jokes.

There's Skip Bayless who fired up the hot-take machine with the ease of remote start.

Note: DeMar DeRozan, who referred to Bayless as "a clown", isn't here for the jokes.

On the other side, there's the three-month adult film veteran-turned-internet-personality-turned-"The DC Sports Girl", Mia Khalifa.

Note: She's relatively new at sports commentary and hopefully she can use any lessons from this during her Out of Bounds show with Gilbert Arenas.

At the end of the day, a young player dealt a blow nobody ever wants to see. Everyone just hopes Hayward's ankle will heal and that he will eventually be able to return to the NBA courts.

Any commentary past that doesn't really need to happen.

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