JC Reindl of the Detroit Free Press reports on Thursday that the Pontiac Silverdome is set to be torn down next year.

The ownership group, that bought the Silverdome for over half a million dollars at an auction in 2009 believes that the 127-acre piece of land would be more marketable without the aging stadium there.

The Silverdome for sorting events could host over 80,000 fans.

The Silverdome which was built in 1975 and hosted the Lions from 1975-2002 and the Detroit Pistons from 1978-1988.

The building also hosted Super Bowl XVI in 1982 where the 49ers defeated the Bengals 26-21. The 1994 FIFA World Cup also hosted four games, including the infamous own goal by Colombia's Andres Escobar.

Numerous other concerts and live events were held in the facility even after pro sports tenants left, but now it seems the building is no longer feasible.