You've seen them too, right?

Those purple lights that have been in the Lansing skies since June...

Okay, maybe they aren't that high up in the sky, but they do illuminate the area of I-96 near the Okemos Road interchange.

I drive by them every day on my way to work, and it's definitely a different feel from the normal lights you'd find on the highways.

Why Are The Lights Purple?

Erica Gray reported on this earlier this year and did inform us as to why the lights are purple in this area.

In very literal basic terms.

They're a defect from the factory.

Why Would They Be Replaced?

I ask the question to you, a Lansing area resident on if they should be replaced or not.

The only reason this topic comes up is because of a Reddit thread I found, posing the possible threat of the lights being replaced.

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You have to keep in mind, anything that is defective won't operate at full capacity. So, you have to imagine it's on someone's radar to replace.

Don't Worry - I Don't THINK These Lights Are Leaving

I have no source proving my theory that the city might be thinking about replacing the lights anytime soon. I'm purely speaking from an engineering standpoint.

A lot of people in the Reddit thread also seemed to favor these lights to a typical light. One user even said they were easier on their eyes.


I won't lie either, they are very easy going on the eyes, especially at five in the morning.

So, Should They Be Replaced?

My answer is no.

Sure, I won't everything running at its best, however, they're unique. Someone driving through the area at three in the morning is going to remember that small area more than they are a generally lit area with non-purple lights.

Open our station app and tell me what you think of those lights.

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