The controversy still exists with professional athletes on whether they should be vaccinated for COVID or not. There have been so many pro athletes that have been outspoken about this polarizing topic. It’s to the point of nauseam.

I know for a fact there are large television companies in the United States that mandate their employees to get the shot or you don’t work there. That’s just the tip of the iceberg with this controversial topic.

There have been a majority of female and male pro athletes that have complied and gotten vaccinated. Because they feel that’s the right thing to do for themselves, their family, their teammates and everyone they come in contact with. I was vaccinated just because of that reason.

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I know there have been some high-profile pro athletes that have refused to get the shot for whatever reason. For instance, Kirk Cousins, Kyrie Irving, Tyler Bertuzzi, and of course Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers got caught up in a ton of controversy last week. He tested positive for COVID so he couldn’t play in Sunday’s game. But in August he told the media he had been "immunized" which, while technically true, was misleading and caused people to think he had been vaccinated. The bottom line is to just tell the truth.

It’s a person’s decision to get vaccinated or not. But if your employer tells you to, you have to make a hard-line choice. Myself, I wouldn’t flinch; I’d get it. Think of others too. This controversy will never end. People have to make their own minds up! What do you think of this polarizing topic? Please let me know.

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