This has to be absolute torture for MSU head basketball coach Tom Izzo. He has had to deal with recruiting great players for his future teams.

But that's not it.

Tom Izzo has a helluva dilemma on his hands. His superstar freshman Miles Bridges has come to a crossroads on staying or going. That is staying for his second year at MSU or turning pro.

If he stays for one more year the Spartans should be solid. If he goes to the NBA he's an instant millionaire. You would think it's an easy decision, but not for Bridges. They call him weird, meaning he loves college and everything at MSU.

There are three people involved in his tough decision: His head coach, his mom and himself. Miles Bridges has until April 23rd to make a decision.

Really how tough can this be? I have to believe it's incredibly intense. Miles has to see where his draft position will be. Could he be a lottery pick?

If he does decide to come back for his sophomore season MSU could be right back to the Final Four once again. All I can say is I will support any decision Miles Bridges makes.

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