Peter Edward Rose was thrown out of MLB in 1989 by then head of all baseball the late Bart Giamatti. Rose, the manager of the Cincinnati Reds, was found to have manipulated MLB games. He got a lifetime ban. But now the new head of MLB Rob Manfred is going to look at bringing him back on the ballot for The Hall of Fame.

Rose was found guilty of tax evasion, but everyone knew what he did as a manager and a player. My feelings have changed a little over the years. He is the all-time hit leader in the history of MLB. He beat one of the most cantankerous sports icons ever to accomplish this feat: Tyrus Raymond Cobb.

Rose is not a good person--I could write a book about his foibles. Pete Rose now signs autographs in the Caesar Palace Mall in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sort of appropriate he lives and works in Vegas, the gambling capital of the world.

In closing, the Pete Rose story is a very sad one. Rose could have been one of the greatest ever but his degenerative gambling habits will always sour a lot of people. But if you put Pete Rose in the Hall of fame you better also put "Shoeless" Joe Jackson in.