At the beginning of the pandemic, we saw a huge increase in pets being adopted from shelters as individuals were looking for a companion during quarantine. In January 2021, 750,000 animals had been adopted.

Unfortunately, according to Fox News, several shelter pets are now being returned throughout the United States as things start to return to normal.

Why are people returning their pets?

It's mainly speculation, but my guess is that people feel like they no longer have the time for a pet as they return to the office. Maybe they're moving and are unable to take the pet with them or are tight on funds.

However, in my opinion, that is something that should be well thought out before purchasing a pet. Having a pet is a big responsibility, they cost money, they get sick, and sometimes even destroy things or act out.

Everyone has their reasons for doing things and it's really none of my business, but I'm still allowed to be angry about it.

Animals offer an endless amount of love and compassion and that's why adoption rates went up last year. I understand that not every situation is like this, but it hurts my heart to think that some people actually adopted a pet in order to get themselves through a tough time and as soon as things returned to normal, they abandoned them.

Help with a difficult animal

Animals are just like humans, they take time to open up and trust people, so be patient with them. The only way they're able to communicate with you is through their actions.

So, if you or your pet are having a hard time acclimating, seek professional help. There are plenty of trainers or behavioral specialists willing to help you and your pet better understand each other.

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