NBA Commissioner Adam Silver reached his decision on the fate and future of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, and it was a stern one.

He gave Sterling a lifetime ban and a $2.5 million fine.

This was a bold verdict, but under the circumstances it was the right decision. Silver, a 22-year NBA executive, moved very swiftly with his investigation.

This verdict is going to lead to a very interesting scenario. Now this will be put up to a vote by the owners, who will either give a thumbs up or down to ouster Sterling as the Clippers' owner.

If the vote is at least three-quarters of the NBA owners in favor forcing Sterling to sell the team, he is out.

There will be many people and groups getting in line to buy the Clippers. Sterling bought the San Diego Clippers in 1981, then moved them to LA in 1984. When he bought the franchise he paid around $15 million. Now the Clippers are valued at $575 million.

If he is voted to sell, can he sell to his family? What would the price tag be?

All I know is we have learned that this commissioner will not tolerate this kind of behavior. This is unprecedented and now the story really gets interesting. Now, everyone wants to know what Archie Bunker Sterling has to say for himself.