Dead periods in recruiting for college coaches are like a rainy day in July for school kids, you can't go out, have fun and do what you want to do. For Jim Harbaugh in March, recruiting is what he wants to do.

With the inability to contact recruits and travel, climb trees and spend the night with the nation's best high school athletes, he's clearly gone off the deep end and involved himself in the political realm of the world.

We don't like to get political here, but in case you've missed it, the Supreme Court has a seat open due to Antonin Scalia's death earlier this year, and much is being made about who should be nominated and who should be doing the nominating.

Got that abridged issue down? Good.

Back to Harbaugh, this tweet isn't exactly out of left field. Guess who was caught in the crowd of a Judge Judy taping one fateful day in 2013?

Yep that's Harbaugh front row on the Judge Judy show.

The dead period ends April 15th, so we have a month for more fun Harbaugh nuggets on twitter.