Michigan State University Trustee Dianne Byrum called for MSU President Lou Ann Simon to resign today.

"First, I support the resignation of President Simon, effective immediately," Byrum said in her statement. She went on to declare support for the Attorney General's office investigation into the school's handling of Larry Nassar.

In the statement, Byrum also addressed controversy surrounding the Board of Trustees itself.

Byrum echoed sentiments expressed by fellow trustee Mitch Lyons earlier this week.

Lyons suggested last week's board decision to publicly place faith in Simon's leadership was not unanimous and became the first member to support Simon's resignation.

Trustee member Joel Ferguson publicly countered Lyons' claims Monday morning on Staudt on Sports.

To this note, Lyons released a rebuttal, stating, "I continue to implore my colleagues to do the right thing and demand Simon's resignation".

In today's statement, Byrum also joined Lyons side of the dispute with Ferguson.

"I am disgusted by the abhorrent comments made earlier this week by Trustee Joel Ferguson, who does not speak for other members of the MSU Board in any way," Byrum added.

Tuesday night, the NCAA announced an investigation into MSU's handling of the case.

The news led for many to draw a link between the NCAA announcement and Ferguson's Monday remarks when asked his opinion of whether the NCAA would be involved.

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