As American sports teams, both pro and college, struggle to figure out how to come back after the COVID-19 pandemic, the football teams of the Southeastern Conference will not be denied. They plan for their season to start on time.

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Most colleges have stated that they will not play football this fall if students and faculty are not on campus. However, according to the Tampa Bay Times, all but one of the 14 schools in the SEC plan to reopen their campuses this fall. South Carolina and Tennessee announced on Wednesday that they would be open this fall, with South Carolina's president saying they, “will resume in-person instruction in mid-August.” The lone school yet to commit to opening is Vanderbilt. I've heard rumors that a LOT of colleges, nationwide, are planning on staying closed with on-line classes only, when they start again in the fall.

Where does this leave the Big Ten? Michigan and Michigan State don't play any SEC teams this year, but Michigan plays AT Washington on September 5th and Michigan State will play Miami, at home, on September 26th. Will they play in empty stadiums? Will teams just play within their own conferences when they all agree to go back to campus? New Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren says they won't know what their plans for sports are until July. Stay tuned.

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