I hate it when people use war references when discussing sports.

"We are going to battle".

"This is war."

No it's not. It's a f-----g sport! It seems disrespectful to our military.

The Seattle Seahawks angered the Twitterverse Sunday after an improbable comeback against Green Bay. The headline could easily have been, GREATEST COMEBACK EVER! OR BACK TO THE BIG DANCE!

Sensing this may have crossed a line, they quickly deleted the tweet and apologized.

"We apologize for poor judgment shown in a tweet sent earlier. We did not intend to compare football to the civil rights legacy of Dr. King."

Do you think they crossed a line or people get too fired up over nothing?

Russell Wilson is the first QB ever to start 2 Super Bowls in his first 3 years in the league. If he were my quarterback, I may have made that the focal point of the conversation.