Well, it happened again — a public figure gets caught up with his ego and job status.

Seattle Mariners President and CEO Kevin Mather resigned yesterday. On February 5th, he spoke via Zoom to the Seattle-based Rotary Club. Mather told them in somewhat of a joking fashion that one of their former Japanese players spoke terrible English along with the Mariners' Julio Rodriguez, the No. 9 overall prospect in MLB — not to go into depth with what he said to this group, because it was callous and moronic. After all this country has been through with bigotry and disrespect, this guy says this hurtful and shameful stuff to a Rotary club. All I can say is this guy got caught up in his own ego, status and the prestige of his job with the Mariners.

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Mather might be a good guy but he went into an area that he shouldn’t have on that Zoom call. You don’t say those kinds of things about former or current players. When will people learn to just think before they speak?  I really think that people just get caught up in their own world and forget they could be hurting people.

Mather's stupidity cost him a big-time executive job with a major league team that he worked 25 years to get. How stupid is this guy?

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