After the NCAA voted to ban satellite camps less than a month ago, they have reversed course. The previously imposed ban was rescinded by the NCAA on Thursday.

After much heated backlash, including a notable opinion for the Big Ten Network's Tom Deinhart calling it the "Harbaugh Rule" it seems the NCAA has had a change of heart in regards to this issue.

If you remember, the vote to uphold the ban was passed 10-5 (Power 5 votes counting 2 votes, the Big Ten was the only Power 5 conference to vote for it), but reports are stating that members from the Pac-12 and the Sun Belt conference voted against the wishes of the rest of their conference. Meaning the vote to ban should have read seven for and eight against.

Forget opinions on the matter, the ban shouldn't have even happened purely on numbers.

In the uproar of the ban, politicians (federal and state level) looked into its legitimacy and it was challenged by conference chairs and school athletic directors in conferences that voted against the ban. Now that all won't be necessary.