I hate to bring the cart before the horse, but MSU basketball should make the Final Four. Tom Izzo has assembled one strong team. This could be the strongest team in Spartan history. Yeah, I'm sure Earvin Johnson and Mateen Cleeves would possibly disagree. But, man per man they are a strong team.

Tom Izzo is a Hall of Fame coach. He does things the right way. Works very hard, doesn't cut corners and treats people with the utmost respect. He has developed his own style of coaching and has a very solid coaching staff. Izzo has won one NCAA Crown in 2000. The time is now to cut the cake and get his second one.

The MSU Spartan Hoop team is currently ranked number one in all the land. They suffered one loss at the hands of Duke and Coack"K". If we live in a perfect world, these two mighty hoop schools could face each other in the final game in April. This years Final Four will be in San Antonio. The Spartans should be in the Final Four this season. Tom Izzo is nicknamed Mr. March. Why, because he has made so many Final Four appearances. But, his objective this year is win his second National Championship.

Wisconsin v Michigan State
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