Let's call it what it was. At least for me and a lot of other people I heard making comments after it happened.

It was the worst crash I had ever seen in my history of being a NASCAR fan. The sight of Ryan Newman's #6 car hitting the wall, flipping and then being hit on the drivers side by another car, then sliding off the track and catching fire while fluids ran out of the vehicle is something a lot of us will always remember vividly.

Now most important, lets talk about the guy who experienced it all first hand. Long time NASCAR driver and fan favorite Ryan Newman.

To see what happened to him in the #6 and it's aftermath as screens were put up on the track, and he was helped from his car into the ambulance...well, you couldn't help but think that his situation was dire. Even after you heard that Ryan had serious but non-life threatening injuries...well you just had to wonder how he was doing anyway.

Until today. After seeing on television a photograph of Mr. Newman and his daughters taken in the hospital, and he was standing up and smiling, you just knew he was better. And then there was this post below from Krissie Newman's Instagram. Pretty cool...no make that very cool. After such a terrible crash at the 500, it's great to see that Ryan Newman is going to be okay.

Yes, a happy ending. And you just gotta love happy endings.

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