One of the worst scandals to hit all of sports was the Biogensis doping scandal in the MLB.

The 2011 National League MVP was Ryan Braun, the "Hebrew Hammer". This cat was dead to rights caught by MLB at the start of this scandal and escaped through a flaw in the system. He lied until he had to cave and finally gave in to the charges and investigation.

Braun, out of the University of Miami, is the Brewers' franchise player. He was given a 65-game suspension for his part and involvement with Biogenesis. Braun beat a drug-test collector to beat the charge the first time a year and a half ago. but the second time around he wasn't to lucky.

He proved he was an MVP cheat.

Now Braun has to live with this lie the rest of his career and life. Many people looked up to him all over the world. Since he's such a great player you ask why would he use those PEDs. He has apologized hundreds of times for getting caught.

He wasn't the only one with game suspensions: There was Peralta, Cruz, and the biggest fish caught, a lunker named Alex Rodriguez. This story will never end and I can never believe what these cats say.

But one thing I do know is Ryan Braun is one heck of a ballplayer.