Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh seems to be on a quest to annex a part of New Jersey in the name of the Maize and Blue, and a Rutgers secret society isn't having it.

Paramus Catholic High School is located in northern New Jersey, notable alumni include current Michigan Wolverine Jabrill Peppers and #1 recruit from 2016 Rashan Gary (Michigan commit). Recently, Paramus announced they'd be playing an out-of-state game at the Big House.

If that wasn't enough Michigan influence on the school, current Michigan linebacker coach Chris Partridge is a former Paramus head coach. Combine this with the fact that Michigan brought in six players this year from the Garden State and you see that Harbaugh is going hard to mine talent in Rutgers backyard.

Well, consider this the push back from Rutgers.

It started innocently enough with Rutgers football using the mantra "Fence the Garden" in reference to the Garden state trying to convince in state talent to stay that way. Then it got taken to a way different level.

The Detroit Free press got letters and pictures from a secret society group called "The Order of Bulls Blood" that can be viewed here.

An email sent to the Detroit Free Press around 3:00 A.M. read in part:

On behalf of Rutgers University,

For reasons that we feel are needed to be expressed, Go home.

Cause you are poaching New Jersey’s brightest stars.

Save yourself before Rutgers Football arises with help from their powerful ally, The Ohio State University.

Losing will become a tradition for the Wolverines.

Fence the Garden.

The 2016-2017 Class The Order of Bulls Blood Rutgers University

Oh man, sound the horn. Alliances are being made, time to pick a side in the next great football rivalry.

Harbaugh continued his path into New Jersey with a satellite camp at Paramus which was held yesterday. Rutgers responded to that move when it happened, announcing a co-op camp on the same day involving Ohio State and Temple. Both camps went off as planned it would seem.

The Free Press received another letter explaining the first one that read:

Good Morning,

Michigan has began a war with Rutgers University. Our Order, represented by some of Rutgers elite student leaders, see it fit that this rivalry be hereby declared. 

We have had enough of Michigan. Fence the Garden was brought forth because of Mr. Harbaugh, and us Scarlet Knights are ready to protect our state. We R battle ready.

Tonight sparked the beginning of the end for Wolverine Football, and no longer will they return to their former glory. The Curse of The Bambino reigned for 86 years, Michigan's will last for 28. 


The 2016-2017 Class

Order of Bulls Blood


Not only are they confirming a football war is underway, they are cursing Michigan football, Bambino references included.

It appears to be "on" for a brand new Big Ten east rivalry, thanks to this Rutgers secret society.

To see the photos from this story visit the Detroit Free Press page linked here.