The Kansas City Royals (47-44) suffered a bad loss at the hands of the Detroit Tigers (51-37) tonight, 16-4. The action started early with a ground out off the bat of Miguel Cabrera in the 1st, letting Austin Jackson to score the first run.  A line drive single from Torii Hunter brought home Ian Kinsler and a Sacrifice fly from Nick Castellanos scored a run from J.D. Martinez. When the Royals came to bat, Jarrod Dyson hit a soft pop up single, which scored Alcides Escobar. In the 4th, Kinsler hit a sacrifice fly to bring home Eugenio Suarez, and a fly double hit by Cabrera brought in runs from Don Kelly and Jackson. Billy Butler hit a homer to get another run for the Royals. The Tigers took no prisoners in the 5th, starting with a home run from Torii Hunter. A fly double from Suarez brought in Castellanos for a run. Kinsler hit a line drive single to bring in Suarez. J.D. Martinez hit a Line Drive Single, bringing in 2 runs from Kinsler and Cabrera. Hunter hit a ground single to bring home J.D. Martinez. A fly double from Castellanos brought in Torii Hunter to end the 5th. In the 7th, a double off the bat of J.D. Martinez scored Rajai Davis. Eric Hosmer hit a 2 run homer for the Royals to end the 7th. The Tigers wern't done yet, in the 9th, J.D. Martinez hit a sacrifice fly, allowing Andrew Romine to score a run. The Tigers take on the Royals again tomorrow night, game broadcast starts at 7:45 PM on Lansing's Big Talker, WJIM, 1240 AM.

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