When you spend more than half the year with the same group of guys as baseball players do every season, illnesses are bound to be passed every now and again due to proximity. What happened to the Kansas City Royals is a little more serious than a simple summer cold though.

On Tuesday the Kansas City Royals were found to have at least two players be infected with the chickenpox virus. The players in question, Alex Rios and Kelvin Herrera are expected to be quarantined for up to two weeks according to Andy McCullough of the Kansas City Star.

A quote from Aaron Gleeman's report on HardBallTalk on the chicken pox virus:  "Team officials are expected to address the situation before Tuesday’s game against the Tigers. The Royals believe the infections are limited to only Herrera and Rios. The most at-risk players are those from countries in Latin America, where the chances of childhood inoculation are lower, experts say.

… The chickenpox virus spreads through the air or through bodily contact. The symptoms are well-known to parents, as itchy blisters overrun the skin and the body grapples with fatigue and fever. Chickenpox manifests in the same way for grown-ups, only patients suffer more and face complications such as pneumonia and brain infections, experts say."

This situation does come when the Tigers are set to play in Kansas City for a three game set, hopefully the Tigers can stay healthy during this series and stave off any potential infection being passed to their clubhouse.