I’ve been in the workplace for many years now. One thing that I’ve always been a fan of is role-playing.

Today our tight, solid sales group role-played at our sales training session. It was absolutely perfect. It is the best way in a group setting or a one-on-one setting to act out the reality of any pitch.

Really, if you are in sales or any business role-playing is king. Listen, acting is a fun occupation. I  wish I had gotten into acting. Role-playing is an art. Role-playing is so awesome when an objective or an obstacle is in front of you. Role-playing is sometimes taken for granted too. But, I will honestly tell everyone our sales role-playing session this morning was perfect. It made me a new fan of role-playing.

Role-playing throws so many curves at you that are perfect to sit on and deal with tricky or difficult situations. Also, role-playing can also make a group more cohesive and bonded. I am really happy we did this exercise today. It gave me a newfound respect for our group and my job.

Working in sales is tough and so is broadcasting. Role-playing helps with almost any job that is conceivably out there.

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