There's a new rivalry on the NASCAR scene, and it's between Richard Petty and Danica Patrick.

Petty, also known as the "King," has said in the past couple weeks that Patrick, if a man, would be just another driver. She is nothing but a marketing machine.

Another great driver Tony Stewart has not agreed with Petty. He said in front of a live audience that he feels Patrick should challenge Petty to a race. Petty is 76 years old and NASCAR's all-time leader with 200 wins. I really like that idea, because it would settle this dispute. This could be built up like the legendary tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, and it would only help NASCAR. It also could help future female drivers that deserve a shot to race on the NASCAR scene.

If Petty were to lose, he should publicly apologize. If Patrick lost, she ought to praise the "King" for a job well done. Anyway you slice it, NASCAR wins.

This race would have no loser. Maybe just a couple bruised egos.