Locals and even tourists have depended on commercial fishing to provide them with a good source of whitefish from Lake Superior for...well...forever. All of that will change with the recent release of restrictions on whitefish fishing from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

The restrictions, that will ban commercial fishing in water deeper than 80 feet, are threatening to shutdown commercial fishing in the state of Michigan for good and that is not sitting well with what remains of the industry and those who are in danger of having to shutdown forever.


“It really puts the industry right out of business,” said VanLandschoot, CEO of VanLandschoot and Sons Fish Market. “There’s 13 state license fishers and I know many of them won’t even put their boat in because there is no sense. Whitefish like cooler water". -TV 6


The beef between the DNR and the commercial fishing industry is so heated now that a lawsuit has been filed by the industry for a delay in licenses being distributed by the state. Add to it the list of bills put forth in the legislature last year and you have a hot bed of issues between the industry and the state.

Many feel the restrictions and bills benefit recreational fishing and are damaging to commercial fishing.


“The management of the fisheries for recreation only and away from the commercial side has really created a vested interest in pushing the commercial fishermen out of business once and for all,” said Sen. Ed McBroom, R-38th State Senate District. - TV 6


The state of Michigan Department of Natural Resources now has several weeks to respond to the lawsuit.

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